VistaTek’s 2nd Ops and HiTek Programs Utilized for Unique Puzzle and Children’s Toy

When Enlivenze came to VistaTek with their idea, we were very excited to work on this project with them. The FlipStir by Enlivenze is a fully encapsulated 3D Puzzle that is fun, challenging, and educational all-in-one. There are different levels of difficulty that makes it a great holiday gift idea for children and adults.

VistaTek worked with Enlivenze on a lot of aspects of the program. This included the high cavitation moldmaking, high-volume injection molding (insert molding, and automated molding), secondary operations (assembly, labeling, etc.), and product stocking. We are appreciative that they are determined to go against the traditional trend of utilizing overseas vendors to produce toys. They are proud and determined to use US manufacturing for the FlipStir.

We found VistaTek to be such a great partner in bringing our first product, FlipStir puzzle, to the market. Though we had a clear idea of the product design, VistaTek was instrumental in helping us refine the design for more cost effective tooling and manufacturability. In addition, they have provided assembly services and been great advocates. Enlivenze is glad to have FlipStir puzzle made in our home state of Minnesota by the great team at VistaTek.
— Suchi Sairaml, Owner and Chief Catalyst, Enlivenze LLC

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Written By: Al Mishek | Co-Owner & Account Manager, VistaTek