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Injection Molding Services | From Low to High Volume Production

VistaTek’s® Injection Molding is the fastest growing and now the largest division at VistaTek. Expertise along with a wide range of presses, electric and hydraulic, VistaTek assists our customers with short run R&D to high volume production all under one roof. Some other value add services that we offer include stocking inventory, mold transfers and secondary operations.

  • High Volume Production
  • Low Volume Production
  • Rapid Injection Molding
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VistaTek runs three shifts, and has the capability to run “lights out” with our injection molding presses. This is done with the use of robotics along with fully automated molds. Our presses range from 40 to 220 ton and can handle high cavitation steel molds. Along with the capacity, VistaTek is ISO 9001:2008, a UL Certified components contractor, and ITAR Registered.

The quality of VistaTek’s injection molding is proven day in and day out. Our molded parts are put into some of the most demanding industries with great success.

VistaTek can run almost all thermoplastic plastic resins. We stock many materials and can also run customer specified materials. Some resin that we stock include: ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon, Glass-filled Nylon, Acetyl, ULTEM, Polypropylene, HDPE, LDPE, Polystyrene, Elastomers, etc. Click here to view a list of "general purpose" in-stock materials.

High volume plasic injection molding

A great way to begin production is with VistaTek’s aluminum tooling. From hand pick-outs, inserts and family molds, we scale to fit your production needs.

Our low volume injection molding can be used for products with short life-cycles, bridge to high volume production, or specialized products with low volumes. Our process tends to be more reasonable with leadtimes, long term pricing, and the "hassle factor" compared to working with Asia.

These capabilities give you the flexibility to run thousands of parts with spec material for your production without limitations. Unlke most molders, we are set up for low volume production, and will not push your project to the side or add surcharges for set up.


Ultem Insert Molded Injection Molding


protoype injection molding

Rapid injection molding (prototype injection molding) remains a core competency at VistaTek. We understand the importance and speed of shooting your tools to get you spec material parts for functional testing, clinical trials, investors, focus groups and more.

We provide you the luxury of being on-site to see the first parts off the tool. Multiple materials can also be shot during the first sampling to qualify your material choices. You own the molds, so after testing the molds, if need be, you can modify them and run them again.

Low Volume Injection Molding

Automated Injection Molding - Utilizing End of Arm Robotics

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