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Production Tooling and Prototype Tooling for Plastic Injection Molded parts

VistaTek’s® Moldmaking abilities are used for production tooling, prototype tooling and bridge tooling. VistaTek’s moldmaking quickly creates precise molds with in-house high speed milling and EDM capabilities. Depending on the part’s geometry and volumes needed, VistaTek has the flexibility to offer different types of tooling to optimize a customer’s lead time and budget.

US Made molds for injection molding

complex p20 steel mold VistaTekPRODUCTION TOOLING

VistaTek® offers in-house production tooling which can be made from P20 steel or aluminum. Because of our efficiencies in moldmaking, we can complete your production molds much faster than traditional mold shops. Expectations on the life of these molds are 50,000 to 1,000,000+ parts.

These multi-cavity molds are for manufacturing many parts fast, with a low piece part price. We also can automate these tools to include automatic cams for capturing complex features. VistaTek tools can also include tunnel gates to minimize manual sprue removal after production. Molds are polished or textured to whatever is needed by you, the customer.

High Speed CNC Machining injection moldsPROTOTYPE & BRIDGE TOOLING

Rapid Tooling (Rapid Molding) is becoming the new standard in the industry. It is used for prototype tooling, bridge tooling and for low-volume production tooling. VistaTek’s proprietary rapid tooling service quickly creates precise molds with high-speed milling capabilities. Depending on the part design and the choice of the plastic resin, you can expect thousands of plastic parts from your rapid tool (mold).

VistaTek's virtually automated system, Class A Toolmakers, expert mold designers and having our Rapid Tooling and Injection Molding divisions under one roof ensures our customers projects are done correctly and efficiently. Our customers can expect their molds completed and injection molded products in 1-3 weeks. These molds typically will hold up from 50 parts to 100,000 parts.

polished moldWhy does VistaTek use 7075 T-6 aluminum molds? Aluminum can be machined faster than tool steel, it transfers heat better at the press and it’s easier to move around the shop. These factors help us deliver molds to you faster with a much higher quality.

VistaTek takes pride in Outperforming Expectations by making complex, custom molds and capturing undercuts with hand pick-outs and manual slides. These molds can be polished, textured and modified to make sure you get the most from your tools.

This method of tooling has been a key for Risk Management. Aluminum tools help lower the risk on a project because they’re faster, cheaper and can run low-volume production or bridge parts until the production tooling comes on-line.

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