Please fill in the form below, and upload a file to receive a quote. Required fields are indicated. 3D CAD models only for quote and build. 2D drawings preferred for inspection. If you are looking for a HiTek Quote, click here.

Acceptable files for quote and manufacturing:

  • .PRT (Native PRO-E)
  • .X_T (Parasolid)
  • .STP (Preferred)
  • .IGES
  • .SLDPRT (Native SolidWorks) 

Note: If individual file size is over 10mb or total file size upload is over 20mb, Please click here to use our cloud service through securely on US based servers.

InstaTek Tooling Requirements

  • Wall thickness not to exceed 0.120”.
  • Models have a flat or basic parting line.
  • Parts submitted for InstaTek platform must be fully defined 3D CAD model in acceptable format. No 2D Drawings accepted at this time.
  • No pick-outs, or undercut complexities. (This is for InstaTek only, for high volume production, our HiTek system accommodates complex features. 5,000 parts and higher).
  • Models must fit within an envelope of 7x7x3” (LxWxH) & have a max depth of 1.5” from the parting line.
  • Models are fully defined and include adequate draft and radius: ready for molding.
  • Minimum thickness for vertical features such as ribs is 0.04”
  • All sharp vertical surfaces will have a minimum radius of 0.02”.
  • Ribbed features (@ min. thickness) cannot exceed a maximum depth of 5/8” or 0.625”.