VistaTek - Manufacturing with Innovation in Mind.

The company started off in rapid prototyping with one machine and zero customers. Since then, VistaTek evolved into a US custom manufacturer with in-house capabilities including moldmaking, injection molding, and secondary operations.

The Present

Our in-house technologies and expertise allows VistaTek to assist in projects from development to high-volume production plastic parts and assemblies.

From low to high volume, VistaTek consistently Outperforms Expectations. As problem solvers and consultants, our expert staff offers customers a variety of cost-effective options that can help get their products to the market faster.


Danny Mishek, President

Danny started with VistaTek in 1998. He is passionate about manufacturing and loves the balance between technology, innovation and people. He spends time educating high schoolers and two-year trade school students to get them to be the next generation manufacturers.


Charlie Andrews, Director of Operations

Charlie Andrews is VistaTek’s new director of operations, and brings 10 years of experience in operations and quality from his previous role with Cummins Inc. His focus on continuous quality improvement helps VistaTek constantly enhance its processes and how it delivers on promises to customers.


Harrison Andrews, Account Manager

Harrison Andrews focuses on VistaTek’s growth as its new account manager. With a background in medical device sales with Arthrex, he works to expand the company’s market share and build relationships with new and current customers of VistaTek and SelfEco.

The Future...

With the never-ending evolution of technology, you can be sure that VistaTek will remain on the cutting edge providing the latest products, sustainable plastics, and efficiency with automation. 

Redefining Manufacturing