Plastic Injection Molding for Mobile Development Platform Production

Logic - TI Cell Phone with 8mp camera

Logic™ and Texas Instruments® engaged VistaTek™ for rapid aluminum tooling to create eight discrete parts for a new state-of-the-art mobile development platform enabling mobile application developers a tool to speed software development. These parts were created with five aluminum tools (molds). Three of the tools were combined, to save cost and time, into a 1+1 family tool.

Cell Phone with HDMI Output | Cell Phone Injection MoldingThe tools were completed and Logic was able to get spec material parts within four weeks. The first injected molded parts were used to test the fit of the circuit boards, keys and other electronic components, and to also decide on a texture.

After reviewing and testing the first sample parts, some parts needed to be modified. VistaTek then modified, textured, and polished the tools to Logic's prints. Since the modifications have been completed, VistaTek has shot 1000+ final unit assemblies for the product release of the Texas Instruments Zoom™ OMAP34x-II Mobile Development platform. Logic and Texas Instruments took advantage of the cost and time savings by using VistaTek's rapid aluminum tooling and injection molding for low volume production. Cell Phone injection molding by Vista Technologies


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