COVID-19 Policy Changes Within VistaTek

COVID-19 Policy Changes Within VistaTek

As we are seeing an increase of manufacturing demand for COVID-19 related programs, we are ensuring a healthy work environment. We are grateful for our employees and their dedication to US manufacturing. Below is a list of a few items that we have changed or modified to safeguard our facility.

  • We have propped open frequently used doors to eliminate the need to touch handles.

  • We have designated maximum people per conference room to confirm we are social distancing.

  • We established a 2nd lunch/breakroom for those that want to eat alone and have social distancing in place.

  • We have supplied more cleaning products for workspaces, eating areas and general work areas.

  • We have limited travel and are minimizing site visits to only essential meetings.

Lastly, we have set out snacks and a posting to the “People of Transportation”. Without their aid of supplying us with our raw materials each day, we would be at a standstill. This reminds us that it takes everyone united and working together to accomplish success. Together, we will overcome!

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