Clean Room

Cleanroom Injection Molding

VistaTek has expanded its Class 8 Cleanroom injection molding capabilities, allowing us to continue diversifying our offerings. Injection molding in a cleanroom environment involves creating plastic parts within a controlled space optimized to minimize contamination. Here are the key points:

VistaTek's cleanroom with injection molding machines.

In a Class 8 Environment:

  • Molding equipment is surrounded by portable tenting.
  • Positive air flow is maintained to meet ISO 14644-1 standards for particulate levels.

Particulate limits include:

  • 3,520,000 particulates ≥ 0.5 micrometers per cubic meter of air.
  • 832,000 particulates ≥ 1 micrometer per cubic meter of air.
  • 29,300 particulates ≥ 5 micrometers per cubic meter of air.
Injection molding machine inside VistaTek's cleanroom.

Cleanroom Molding Requirements:

  • Positive air flow: Class 8 cleanrooms use positive air flow to maintain specific particulate levels.
  • Masking requirements: Includes gowns, gloves, and hair/beard covers.