Sustainable Manufacturing

VistaTek is environmentally responsible in manufacturing. We're invested in R&D for manufacturing and processing materials such as bio-plastics (PLA and others), ocean-bound plastics, and post-consumer plastics. By using these renewable and recycled plastics, we are helping reduce the environmental footprint for ourselves, our community, and our customers.

Manufacturing with recycled materials at VistaTek.

Manufacturing With Recycled Materials

VistaTek works closely with customers and suppliers to utilize recycled materials when available. We can use re-ground material that we collect here or resin compounded from recycled plastics. A great example is these razor handles molded from plastic derived from recycled yogurt cups.

Manufacturing with recycled materials at VistaTek.

Manufacturing With Plant-based Materials

Another key area of investment for VistaTek is processing renewable, compostable, and sustainable plastics, including materials like PLA. These materials have proven challenging to process, but we have taken the time to perfect our craft and now confidently run this material. Please feel free to reach out with any questions regarding these materials or upcoming projects that can utilize them. Learn more about our compostable caterware and garden products at