Our Story

VistaTek - Manufacturing with Innovation in Mind

VistaTek started in 1996 as a 3D printing company. Shedding that technology in 2012, VistaTek quickly advanced into a US custom manufacturer using injection molding. Complimenting injection molding with an in-house toolroom and secondary operations, the path was set to produce finished products proudly in the USA.

VistaTek sign and building entrance with blooming tree in the foreground.

The Present

Our in-house technologies and expertise allow VistaTek to assist in projects from early development to high-volume production plastic parts and assemblies.

From mid to high volume, VistaTek consistently outperforms customers’ expectations. Using the blend of veteran experience and today’s technology, we have found a way to compete on a global level.

Danny Mishek, President of VistaTek, smiling.

Danny Mishek, President

Danny started with VistaTek in 1998. He is passionate about manufacturing and loves the balance between technology, innovation, and people. He spends time educating high schoolers and two-year trade school students to inspire them to become the next generation of manufacturers.

Solar panels installed on the rooftop of VistaTek's facility.

The Future

With the never-ending evolution of technology, you can be assured that VistaTek will remain on the cutting edge providing the latest products, sustainable plastics, and efficiency with automation.