COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Dear Customer, 

As always, the first priority of VistaTek is the safety of its employees, customers, and the residents of the community in which we operate. Due to the current Coronavirus and the risk it presents, we realize that certain actions may need to be taken in the interest of safety that could impact our schedule, timelines, and due dates. As we are mindful of the situation, we have expanded our workforce by adding a third shift that will allow us to begin a 24-hour production schedule to keep up with customer demand. Due to the fluid nature of the situation, VistaTek has initiated an internal committee to ensure fast and appropriate response to the outbreak. This will allow us to adjust plans and communication as necessary to new developments and information related to the situation. It will also enable us to continuously monitor the guidance provided by the Center for Disease Control and local government officials. We recognize that the situation not only poses a challenge for us but also our customers and their supply chains. Therefore, we understand the value of collaboration and communication throughout the event. As always, should you have additional questions, please contact your VistaTek account representative.

Be well,

Danny Mishek 

President | VistaTek 

Office: 651-653-0400

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