Earth Day 2017: A Look At VistaTek's Sustainable Efforts

Earth Day 2017: A Look At VistaTek's Sustainable Efforts

VistaTek has approached sustainability and the environment in many ways. From energy reduction, drought resistant landscaping, composting and even our company motto.

We have obviously updated lighting where possible in our facility to more energy efficient lighting. We have installed motion activated lighting in our conference room and lunch room.

One of the more dramatic solutions that we added was a roof top chiller unit that replaces a tradition in-house chiller. The chiller unit is needed to run cooled water through our equipment and molds to keep a controlled temperature to maintain tolerance and consistency. The roof top unit uses an estimated 65% less energy and will pay for itself within 4 years.

Last fall we updated our front landscaping replacing sod and planters with rock, boulders and hearty perennials. This is a drought resistant solution that needs minimal water and maintenance.


We have also started to compost within our facility. We have three compost receptacles located in our lunch room and conference room. This is a great way to avoid our organics ending up in our landfills. We have less trash going into our dumpster and more going into our recycling and composting. There is a lot of value in compost and we are proud to add our daily organics into the process!

Lastly, we have updated or company motto. In the 2000’s we used “Exceeding Expectations”, in the 2010’s we had “Redefining Manufacturing” and now we have “Manufacturing With A Purpose”. We feel this is more fitting with today’s environment and social issues. The purpose can be quality, timing, the community or our in-house environment. It allows us to focus on the purpose and accomplish our goals as a team.

We hope by sharing our sustainability practices comforts you in using us as your partner in manufacturing and encourages you to implement your own practices at the office or in your home. Happy Earth Day and make Earth Day every day! 

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