Earth Day 2019

Earth Day 2019

As VistaTek continues to grow, sustainability remains a top priority. The goal to be a landfill free facility is an audacious one, but is seemingly becoming more attainable each day. VistaTek entered into an agreement with a local recycler/compounder of petroleum products. The decision to collect, regrind and store our runners, scrap and overruns has been beneficial. These were yesterday’s landfill products, but are now tomorrow’s product parts. Since we started this program mid-year 2018, we have redirected 50 gaylords (nearly 10,000 pounds) away from landfills and into recycled and reusable materials. As a responsible US manufacturer, our team takes pride in our sustainability efforts which we believe to be a reason why many customers continue to grow with the VistaTek family.

LED Lighting Upgrade

In the 4 th quarter last year, we upgraded each production work station with new laminated surfaces and LED overhead lights. This has improved work space conditions with consistent lighting, less energy consumption and more efficient visual inspection at the press. Quality lighting makes for quality parts! We are also kicking off a large lighting project by updating our front office and production area lights from traditional tube fluorescent lights to all LED lights. This will reduce our electrical power usage by 12% to 15% and see our ROI within 12 months.

Manufacturing in a River City

This past winter was a tough one in Minnesota. Frigid temperatures and record snowfall in February, March and April caused concern for massive snow melt and fear that the St Croix River would rise to unprecedented levels. The city needed volunteers to help sandbag the city/river shores. Charlie Andrews, VistaTek co-owner and resident of Stillwater, got some upper body conditioning assisting alongside other loyal volunteers prepping the sandbagging operation in downtown Stillwater. 60,000 bags were successfully filled through the volunteering process. Thankfully the river crested below dangerous level to avoid any major city damage. This is a sobering reminder that Mother Earth is strong, but fragile. We need to respect her and change our behaviors to live a more sustainable life. If we all appreciate mother earth every day, not just on Earth Day, we will have a bright and prosperous future.

“Many hands make for light work”

- John Heywood

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