Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020

Earth Day has become more than a day for VistaTek and SelfEco. It has become daily lifestyle. We continue to in-house compost, recycle and continue to reduce our waste. Employees are using reusable ceramic coffee mugs, bringing reusable packaging from home and we are adding a continuous improvement fund from the money we get back from recycling our aluminum, steel and plastics.

As we have fully embraced sustainability inside these walls, we know there may be more you can do when it comes to manufacturing your products. We have compiled a list of material options that offer greener solutions for your current and future products VistaTek Sustainable Materials (434kb .pdf).

From recyclable materials to materials made from recycled materials.  Some of our sustainable options include recyclable materials, post-consumer petroleum materials, as well as bio-based materials made from plants, cellulose and bio-mass. A little something for everyone who is trying to make a difference. The materials are readily available and can immediately make your products better for the environment.

We understand that COVID-19 has taken top priority today. We wanted you to know that we continue to produce products for COVID-19, but never took our focus off of sustainability. When the timing is right and you are ready, reach out to us to talk sustainability and your programs. Stay safe, stay healthy and make tomorrow better.

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