John Bozzelli, Leader in Scientific Molding, Visits VistaTek

John Bozzelli, Leader in Scientific Molding, Visits VistaTek

Article written by Sean Mertes, Sales Manager Midwest for PTS LLC

It was brought to my attention by one of my customers that John Bozzelli has public seminars in Chicago and Detroit area, but not the Minneapolis area. Since John is the leader in Scientific Molding, and getting close to retirement age it would be great to have him local and learn from his vast knowledge before he retires and all this knowledge is gone. Many of the industry leaders are getting older and no longer providing seminars. Exampes are John Klees retired from Mold Design seminars, Glenn Beall retired from Part Design and John Bozzelli is not far behind on Scientific Molding. Who will be taking their place once they are gone..??

Polymer Technology and Services, joined up with VistaTek to provide a somewhat private 3 day seminar on Trouble Shooting at the VistaTek location. The attendee’s chose the topics for John to discuss and here is a brief list of some topics covered: Screw Design, Gate Sizing, Screw and Check valve wear, family tools, cavity imbalance, living hinge design, Hot runners, and molding cosmetic parts, along with many more. Companies that attended were: Aroplax, Harbor Plastics, Mikros, Modern Molding, Phillips Medisize and VistaTek. 

I believe that everyone walked away with more knowledge than they expected and are looking forward to the next seminar.  Here are some pictures that were taken during the event:

A special thanks to our sponsors: Aroplax, Modern, PTS and VistaTek who made this seminar possible.

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