VistaTek Essential Business

VistaTek Essential Business

Dear VistaTek Customer,

This letter is to inform you that we will remain open for business. We have been deemed “essential” and will continue operations to fulfill your orders.

What is deemed an Essential Business?

According to Christopher C. Krebs, Director of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in a memo dated March 19th, 2020, several workforce categories are essential:

  • Healthcare/Public Health
  • Law Enforcement, Public Safety, First Responders
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Energy (Electricity, Petroleum, and Natural & Propane workers)
  • Water and Wastewater
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Public Works
  • Communication and Information Technology
  • Other Community-Based Government Operations and Essential Functions
  • Critical Manufacturing
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Financial Services
  • Chemical
  • Defense Industrial Base

Why is VistaTek deemed “Essential”?

Simply, we manufacture thousands of parts each month for several different industries. Many of the industries that we serve are mentioned above. We make components for medical devices, water filtration, defense, agriculture companies, and more. There are some products that we make that we do not fully understand where and how they are used. But, be assured, these companies rely on us to deliver quality products on time.

We have received letters from our customers declaring us their essential supplier. We take these letters with great respect and honor. These customers have entrusted the VistaTek team and our US manufacturing capabilities to produce their essential products. Throughout the history of America, manufacturers have stepped up through wartimes, disasters, and emergencies. This time is no different. We may not be making ammunition like previous generations did to fight World Wars I and II, but we are making products to allow people to telecommute from their homes, drink pure water, grow this year’s crops, obtain the medical devices they need to stay healthy or stay alive.

This is our time. Our time to take our role as seriously as the first responders, the people on the front lines, and for the people who have lost their jobs. We will continue to stay open and make these essential products to get our country through this unprecedented time. Thank you for entrusting us to make your products. Be safe and stay healthy.

Be well,

Danny Mishek 

President | VistaTek 

Office: 651-653-0400

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