What does it mean to be a proud US manufacturer?

What does it mean to be a proud US manufacturer?

You see it on our website, we print it in our literature and we are honored to say it to our customers. But what does being a proud US manufacturer mean? And why does it matter to you? First, let’s look at the word “PROUD.”

Feeling deep pleasure or satisfaction as a result of one's own achievements, qualities, or possessions or those of someone with whom one is closely associated.

We added this important word in front of “US manufacturer” as we are not just a US manufacturer. We are damn proud of what we do! We’re filled with joy, satisfaction, and especially pride to be a part of an industry that continues to change the world.

The importance of what we do. US manufacturing employs people. We pay wages, health insurance, business insurance, property taxes, etc. These additional costs that we pay support families, help build the community schools, maintain roads, and city infrastructure.

Because we are a proud US manufacturer, we go out of our way to use other US manufacturers. When and where we can, we buy our raw materials, components and other supplier from US manufacturers. Even our shirts we buy for our employees are Made in the USA.

We want to extend the PROUD factor to you, our customer, our vendor and our neighbor. Be proud that you are supporting us and our network of suppliers with similar values and passion for being a US manufacturer. Be proud that you chose to work with us. We are honored to have earned your business and your support. We are grateful and humbled.

The flag that is draped on the wall on our production floor was flown proudly over our nation’s capital to remind us of the importance of manufacturing stateside. I have personally lobbied in Washington DC with US Senators and the US Congress. I learned very quickly that those that talk the loudest, make the rules. As a proud US manufacturer, be assured, that we will continue to use our voice.

That is why we are pushing for more 2-year education, sustainable manufacturing and manufacturing using more earth-friendly materials. These materials are plant-based, bio-based plastics, and recycled plastics. These products can reduce landfill waste and as well as our dependence on petroleum. We look to the future, because we are the future. If you continue to support US manufacturing, we will continue to make you proud!

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