What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

Someone recently asked about our name and logo. It has been a while since I shared the story, and I thought it was a good reminder of our early beginnings. My mother and father started Vista Technologies, LLC in the fall of 1996. They decided to invest in a new technology called stereolithography (SLA), which is now known as 3D printing. This innovative technology allowed products to be built layer upon layer using resin and a laser.

As this new technology was emerging, the word “vista” was mentioned because it means “a view” or “on the horizon.” This, combined with "technology," led to the creation of Vista Technologies. People often shortened it to Vista Tech, but since that domain was already taken, we further abbreviated it to VistaTek for ease of use and to match our website, www.VistaTek.com.

The logo design was meant to highlight the concept of “building layer by layer,” so the line through the logo was essential. When we simplified it to just the V, the lines became an easy way to differentiate from other logos. The words Vista and horizon have always been integral to the company. We have continued to lead the way using technologies or trends that seem to be on the horizon.

We have engaged in technologies from 3D printing, high-speed machining, In-Mold Labeling, and molding using plant-based plastics for sustainability. Technology and innovation are in our blue blood. And it all stemmed from our name and logo established in 1996.

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