2017 Material Pricing Increases

2017 Material Pricing Increases

We hope all of you are off to a busy and productive 2017. Things are ramping up here at VistaTek, and it also appears so in the resin world. In the past couple months we have been getting a lot of resin price increases and extended lead-time notifications from our suppliers. These increases are significant enough on a lot of common materials that we wanted to share some of them with you.

We are also seeing lead times from suppliers like Sabic moving from 6 to 9 weeks, and also some Covestro materials extending lead times as well.  Please see below for resins that may affect your products and pricing on future orders. Feel free to contact us with any questions. 
Note: If you have the option with your product, it is helpful to add “Or Equivalent” on the print.

Company Name Material / Resin + Price Increase
Dupont Zytel Nylon $0.14/lb
Trinseo CALIBRE Polycarbonate $0.10/lb
Trinseo PULSE Engineering $0.10/lb
Trinseo EMERGE Advanced $0.10/lb
Trinseo MAGNUM ABS $0.12/lb
PolyOne Corporation GEON Ridgid PVC Compounds $0.04/lb
PolyOne Corporation GEON Flexible PVC Compounds $0.06/lb
PolyOne Corporation GEON Flexible PVC Compounds $0.06/lb
PolyOne Corporation GEON Flexible PVC Compounds $0.06/lb
PolyOne Corporation Bergaflex $0.05/lb
PolyOne Corporation Bergaflex BFI $0.05/lb
PolyOne Corporation Dynaflex $0.05/lb
PolyOne Corporation Elastalloy $0.05/lb
PolyOne Corporation OnFlex $0.05/lb
PolyOne Corporation Versaflex $0.05/lb
PolyOne Corporation Versalloy $0.05/lb
PolyOne Corporation Versollan $0.05/lb
INEOS Styrolution America Terluran ABS $0.12/lb
INEOS Styrolution America Lustran ABS $0.12/lb
Convestro Makrolon $0.10/lb
Convestro Bayblend $0.10/lb
Convestro Makroblend $0.10/lb
Convestro Apec $0.10/lb
Sabic Cycolac ABS $0.05/lb
Sabic Lexan $0.12/lb
Sabic Cycoloy $0.15/lb
Sabic Xenoy $0.07/lb
Sabic Cycola ABS $0.11/lb
Sabic Geloy ASA $0.11/lb
Nexeo Solutions Polypropylene $0.09/lb

Written By: Al Mishek | Co-Owner & Account Manager, VistaTek

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