Transfer Tooling

VistaTek tooling process on a computer screen.

Transfer Tooling

During the life of a program, many variables may lead to a change in supplier. VistaTek is here to assist in all aspects of transferring a tooling package. Our in-house tooling experts and program managers will facilitate a seamless tooling transfer to provide you with the comfort and peace of mind that your program will continue on a successful path.

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Transfer Tooling Process

Sampling injection molded parts at VistaTek.

Initial Quote

The information below will allow us to accurately quote your transfer tooling and production package:

  • Review 2D and 3D data, and physical parts
  • Current mold design and tool history
  • FAIR and validation requirements
  • History of parts (concerns, critical features, RMAs, etc.)

Tooling Inspection

Upon receipt of the tool, our team of tooling experts, processing engineers, and quality/program managers will evaluate and clean the tool to ensure it is capable of running without repairs or modifications.

Photos will be taken when the tool is received as well as after the inspection. These pictures will be shared with the customer during this process. See examples below:


VistaTek’s processing and quality team will sample T1 parts, perform a 3-piece FAIR, and document all processing data.

This process allows us to gauge an accurate cycle time, learn the nuances of the tool, and obtain precise dimensional data.

Final Report

FAIR and tooling information will be sent to the customer for approval prior to production. If changes need to be made to the tool, these will be discussed at this time.

If pricing needs to be updated (lower or higher), this will also be done at this stage.

Validate / Run Production

Finalize validation per client or VistaTek requirements and start supplying your parts!

VistaTek can work with customers to minimize costs related to transfers. We offer deferred validation costs, reduced costs, and our in-house tooling team can keep expenses low compared to outsourcing to other tooling vendors.